Patient Experiences

Here’s an update from one of our recent rehab graduates:

“Dear staff, one and all:

Dino is progressing nicely. Slowly yet surely. His biggest problem is that it’s not fast enough. We are now in outpatient rehab and again he is giving 150%.

We wanted to send this to tell each of you what wonderful, special, caring and loving people you are. It’s because of you my Dino made it home. We talk of you all every day, and truly feel blessed that you were there for him. Dino says many times he not only had Angels above watching over him, but he had a remarkable team of Angels right here by his side. We are coming back to see you soon. Until then, God bless you all and just know that you hold a special place in this family’s hearts. You are all truely amazing!”

Dino R’s family – 2013

“When my husband was facing rehabilitation after his stroke, I wanted a facility that would give him the best results.  The Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin was on the top of my list.  The hospital has very high expectations and demands a lot from its patients, and the therapists work hard to achieve the best possible results.  All procedures were explained very thoroughly, and I was taught how I could continue his care at home.

The staff was wonderful.  They were all so caring and very respectful.  They made my husband and I feel comfortable.  The facility is beautiful and the outside sitting area and gardens are very family friendly – a nice setting for patients to take a break during the day.”

Sandra H. – spouse 2012

“Before having my knee surgery, my husband and I checked many rehabilitation centers in Waukesha County.  I decided that when the time came I would request being sent to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin.  My choice proved correct.   The care and concern, both physically and emotionally from physicians, therapists and staff was way beyond my expectations.  If therapy is ever needed again, I certainly would request being sent to this lovely facility.

One special memory I recall often was the final farewell in the lobby.  It gave me an opportunity to say good-bye to my new friends who were all so kind and thoughtful throughout my stay.  Thank you all again.”

Geraldine K. 2012

“I came here to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin upon referral of my surgeon at Waukesha Memorial Hospital.  My time here was pleasant.  This is a very clean facility.  My rehabilitation consisted of physical, occupational and speech therapies.  The therapists were all very tolerant to any physical pain I was in.  I came here with severe gout in my feet, ankles and knees, and also after having had a craniotomy to remove cysts caused by tumor spatter from radiation.  Most of the nurses here were extremely attentive.  The food here was very good!”

– Kyle F. 2012

“In late 2010, I was involved in a serious car accident. From Mary, my PT, and Ann, my OT, they taught me how to take care of myself without the use of my legs, which was something I never thought I could do.  They helped me believe in myself and taught me to trust myself.  The rest of the staff was amazing; too many people to name!  In all, I spent eight weeks at the Rehab Hospital of WI.  They were overly generous with their time, making sure I had whatever I needed.”

-Danielle K. 2011

“After a bad fall, I was admitted to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Wisconsin (RHOW).  Your therapists taught me how to walk again and also treated my paralyzed left arm.  They prepared me well to go home.  My stay at RHOW was a very good one.  While I was there, my husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary, our gold anniversary at which the staff helped with the celebration.  Thank you.”

– Lonny R. 2011

“I was diagnosed with GBS (Guillain – Barre Syndrome) on 8/18/10.  My treatment team provided the best care and got me on the road to recovery.  Little did I realize what monumental challenge was ahead of me.  Here my journey began with the goal of returning to a functional level and allowing me to return home.  “Functional” took on an entirely new meaning.  However, thanks to my dedicated physical and occupational therapists, Linda and Amy K,  I wouldn’t be where I am today. I also want to acknowledge all my nurses, CNAs and kitchen staff during my seven week stay.  Again I cannot emphasize their determination and moxy as the foundation of my recovery.”

– Vicki N. 2010

“I had my first knee replaced on September 3rd and my second on September 22nd.   I was able to come to RHOW after each surgery.  I had Joan and Cyndi for my physical therapy and Anne and Tracy for occupational therapy.  Their help and motivation was invaluable.  I worked hard and I am now walking beautifully.  I also came for outpatient physical therapy where Rhonda teaches and motivates me both in the pool and “on land.”

The food was delicious, and the nurses and nurses’ aides were very helpful, caring and courteous.  The nurses especially made me feel safe and well cared for.  They took the time to be very meticulous with my complex regime and I appreciated the time they took to get it right.  I was very lucky to come here!”

-Virginia G. 2010

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